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3.5 new jams


released December 24, 2015

premature wrinkles is
teague c- vocals drums loops
troy h- guitar

written and recorded by teague
art by alan f



all rights reserved


Premature Wrinkles Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: No Worries
you're welcomes are so conceited
thank yous seem so misleading and i
would much rather the route of refusing
to acknowledge that you're so nice
self-deprecating mantra
write off that thing you said, don't waste your time
if i wanted to be here i'd be as thankful as you are

just keep repeating it til it comes true
with the intent and the tone of fuck you
nothing will ever drag me down again
oh no that's not the way
not the way it's ever been
oh no that's not the way
not the way it's ever been

i see nothing wrong with this
thank god for minimum wage and your patience
Track Name: Raspberry Smirnoff #3
they all come alone
they all come with pasts
they all come with some indistinct sense of needing
part of something
force others to be
in their presence a few times a week
i don't think it's enough
these things come and go
and everyone sucks

it's easy just to be alone
never complain, keep your head on straight
your company's a benefit
and i think we need a new church

"it's about your perspective"
that's what they tell you when
good times are giving you nothing but fucking up/wondering why
why you can't focus
don't tell me it's fine
the parasitism, it's always exactly the same

we gave your sister fifty bucks
and said buy us as much vodka as you can
i just broke my ties
to that place where i began
third week in a row
that we did the same
we were so much less dangerous than we felt like we were
but so much more
than we assumed that we could ever know

a diet of: vinegar, piss,
sentiment, and laziness
that's how it got to be like this
and i'm building a new church
Track Name: Wasted Summer (Street Justice)
let's go down to the reservoir
kill time, watch the rowing team
yelling to stay in time
not really ever noticing
destroy ever good memory
the wasted summer, let's let it breathe
melting sidewalk smell
i wanna live like i was sixteen

i gotta huge gap in my memory
i think maybe i was high for a long long time

and i'm still not sorry
that just wasn't me talking
this is getting boring
let you know in the morning

spend ballroom days and motel nights
to fix the things that you have broken
you're wasting your entire life
go ahead and see if i care
go ahead and see if i care

at least it keeps you off the streets
casually castrated maniac beast in heat
don't think you ever cared for me
don't think you ever cared for anyone

Track Name: Stress Eating
it's all i am anymore
consuming is
always a sin
always impure

i wanna wrap it up
ignore my needs
increase productivity
decrease budget, increase health
that's not how that word is spelt
maintain an image and recede
you have no personality
accept perfection, reject the rest
you know what you want: the best
it's better to die than to live bad
it's better staying in the past
it's better to starve away the beer
why do you think you're even here?
gods are angry, we were warned
there is a great oncoming... storm

but it's gonna be alright
there will be justice at last
our long awaited comeuppance is here

and i know that
none of that's
really real
why is the world
constructed by
the way i feel
i have no right
to complain, to refuse
at dinnertime
to start anew
i love you
now goodbye

not that i really mean it i'm just young and stupid